Black Shark Funcooler Pro

Original Xiaomi FunCooler pro [Quick Specs]:

  • Model: BR20
  • USB: Type-A to Type-C
  • User Manual
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Black Shark FunCooler Pro: Overview

Mobile Phone Gaming is hot, literally. If you are burning up your phone while gaming, then its time for you to get the new Black Shark FunCooler Pro. It costs only AED199 in Dubai, UAE. This FunCooler Pro hit the markets of Dubai soon recently to compensate for the lack of internal(in-built) cooler on the Black Shark Gaming Phones. The Black Shark has come up with a solution and its appreciable task. This accessory is a luxury to all phone gamers.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO features

Black Shark FunCooler Pro CPU Freezer:

The Black Shark FunCooler Pro has your back every time you use your device for gaming. This cooler uses technology is similar to the household refrigerator. The Black Shark FanCooler uses a freezer chip and a turbofan, to ice down the temperature by 14 degrees in just 1 minute.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO freezer

Black Shark FunCooler Pro Highs and Lows:

The Black Shark FanCooler Pro uses the thermal Electronic cooling system. This Fan observes the heat from the back of your phone using the Peltier effect and releases it towards the fan system.

The Fan mechanism depends upon the seven (7) fan blades, which boast the spinning speed of 6200RPM (Rotation Per Minute). These fans make the task quick and easy by taking care of the Thermal Electronic Cooling System.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO 7 fans

The noteworthy feature of the cooler is the quietness. Despite the fast RPM, the sound is barely louder than a whisper. The front of the fan has the loudest-point on the device that records a sound level of only 34 decibels.

Black Shark FunCooler Pro Direct Hit Readings:

The heat from the phone will have nowhere to hide in the aluminum heat sink. The sink is a combination of 147 cooling columns. The fan can easily blow away the dust once it starts rotating and descents the temperature of the phone.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO plug n play

The company claims a temperature of -13.9 degrees of the phone temperature after 10 minutes.

Black Shark FunCooler Pro RGB Show off:

There is an RGB halo light strip, which is a combination of 12 LED lights and 34 customizable patterns. You will be able to control the patterns with the settings-board on the phone once the fan is accessible.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO RGB

Black Shark FunCooler Pro Adaptability:

Black Shark FunCooler Pro is an adaptable accessory that fits with all the mobile phones with its 2.63 to 4.46-inch spring-loaded clamps. These clamps give a constant and a firm grip on either side of the phone while protecting the phone with silicone non-slip mats.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO clamps

You can simply plug and play your game of choice. Leave the rest on the Black Shark FanCooler Pro. You can use this Fan with any model of the Gaming phones at all times. Not only gaming phones but also other mobile phones will benefit from using the fan. The CPU heat and the battery usage will considerably drop with the use of this fan.

Black Shark FunCooler Pro Smart Control:

Black Shark FunCooler Pro has Bluetooth compatibility with the Shark Kit app for Android and IOS. This feature gives you full control over the Fan functionality. Cooling levels, light effects, and live measurements of the heat sink from a built-in thermometer are some of the elements. These reading on the elements provide you a full breakdown of the status of the Fan.

Black Shark Funcooler PRO shark kit app

The simple built on the fan housing presents you an on/off button for quick access. If you do not want to explore the advanced-options from the Shark Kit, you can simply use the button. Once you set the specifications on the shark kit, the fan will always keep the data and operate as the previous inputs.



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