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Nubia Red Magic 3S Dual SIM , 4G LTE, 128GB 8GB RAM


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ICE2.1 dual multi-dimensional cooling system, newly designed air inlet

Built-in IP55 dustproof and waterproof high-efficiency centrifugal fan, combined with liquid cooling tube + high thermal conductivity copper foil + multi-layer graphene + metal body, can effectively cover all the heating parts, a new thermal solution, effectively improve the maximum frame rate of the CPU Time, let you swim and relax. After the newly designed air inlet, the appearance is more recognizable, and the air intake is larger, the heat dissipation is better, and the high-performance output of the mobile phone is continued.

BOSS level hardware configuration

Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Plus processor, support 4G+ full Netcom network and dual-band wifi, free game network acceleration function blessing, powerful firepower configuration, let Red Devil 3S have faster and more stable processing speed and network connection speed, let you in each In a large-scale game, it is unimpeded and unrestrained.


128GB/256GB, all equipped with UFS 3.0

Performance is 86% higher than traditional UFS 2.1, regardless of large file storage or photo video transmission speed, or the speed of large mobile game installations, has unprecedented speed.


5000mAh E-sports mobile phone battery

To provide you with a lasting continuous power, intelligent adjustment of the charging speed, demon and demon, no worries.

Original New ZTE Nubia Red magic 3S Snapdragon 855 Plus 8GB 128GB 12GB 256GB unlocked gaming phone 6.65 inch 5000mAh battery


90Hz gaming screen

6.65″ Amoled HD full screen, 90Hz screen refresh rate, 1ms fast screen response, for you to capture every wonderful detail in the game, enjoy the competitive pleasure.


3D dual speaker surround sound

Professional mobile game speaker: front symmetrical double super linear speaker design, equipped with DTS X Ultra sound + dual box + dual Smart PA dream combination, new 3D surround sound allows you to easily understand the enemy position;
AI voice noise reduction: three microphone design, through powerful The AI ​​capability and advanced beamforming algorithms separate vocals from noise and effectively suppress various noises in the environment.


Game touch key + fingerprint game key

The mobile phone side capacitive touch button can create two virtual hot keys. The ergonomic U-shaped groove design can realize blind operation, which is more convenient than the traditional handle operation. At the same time, the rear fingerprint game button setting is added, and the touch response time is low. Up to 25ms, coupled with fast screen touch response, five-finger operation, jumping, opening, aiming, shooting, all in one go, hearty.


4D smart shock

Support the vibration feedback in the game, intelligently match the vibration of various weapons and firearms in different game scenes, let you feel like being in the battlefield in the competitive process, and adopt the soundtrack separation technology, the game sound and voice information are independent. Effectively avoids false alarms caused by voice messages.

Original New ZTE Nubia Red magic 3S Snapdragon 855 Plus 8GB 128GB 12GB 256GB unlocked gaming phone 6.65 inch 5000mAh battery


Cool magic sound

Domineering Royal Sister or Magic Girl… The Red Devils 3S’s voice changing function has multiple choices, so that you can make a lot of fun in your voice communication with your teammates.


Red Devils 3S E-sports Box

Designed for horizontal screen competition, it can be connected with 3.5mm interface earphones and Type-C charging cable. It clears the obstacles for horizontal screen competition and enjoys the competitive pleasure. At the same time, it can also connect the network cable for 100 Mbps Ethernet data transmission, no delay, so that the competition is no longer annoyed by the instability of the wireless network, and can also connect the network cable to open the hot spot, and the team will open black together.


Inheriting the Red Devils “X” future battleship shape, all-metal body back shell, thinner and more rounded design, bringing a comfortable grip experience. The new light magic effect is newly upgraded. The new Red Devil Logo light is equipped with a bright light of 16.8 million colors with a fantasy AI light effect. The light moves with the sound and opens the game for you.

Original New ZTE Nubia Red magic 3S Snapdragon 855 Plus 8GB 128GB 12GB 256GB unlocked gaming phone 6.65 inch 5000mAh battery


48 million pixels + 16 million pixel camera

Rear 48 million pixel camera + front 16 million pixel camera combination, NeoVision photography engine blessing, support AI beauty self-timer, support AI noise reduction, let you enjoy life beauty in the hands of mobile games.


Night Elf

Nubia brings the Super Night Scene mode to the Red Devils 3S for the first time. It is equipped with anti-shake and night scene mode for intelligent noise reduction. You can shoot amazing and beautiful night scenes without a tripod.

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