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This Agreement was last modified on 23 Dec 2019.

technoor.ae is   a   privately   owned   website   and   all   the   legal   laws   and   rights   are authorized.You must agree to all the prescribed terms when you shop with us and cannot claim any of the rights of the website. We have complete authority to add, modify or remove any of the given conditions without any prior notification. You can contact our  customer care department for any queries about the terms and conditions for dealing with us. If you disagree to them you may stop using our online platform.

Copyrights: The   content   and   all   other   material   related   to   the   phones   and   tablets   and   other electronic appliances  available  on our website, their photos, prices  and additional details are our own property and we have the copyright for them. You cannot sell, alter,   publish   and   replicate   any   of   the   things   mentioned   above   for   your   own   use without   the permission   of   technoor.ae .   Else,   in   case   of   any   breach   your   online shopping subscription will cancelled immediately. Nobody is allowed to perform any changes in the interface of   technoor.ae

If any such   attempt   is   reported   regarding   the   changing   of   pictures,   pages   or   any   other authorized material of the website, prompt action will be taken against it. Similarly, if any news regarding hacking the website is reported you will be dealt according to the law.

Our Policy: We   have   defined   our   exchange   and   return   policy   and   after   the   specific   period prescribed by us no one can claim an exchange or return. Our orders payments need to be done within the given time period after your invoice has been made. We can make the invoice of your multiple orders separately too and your payments should be done on time for it is necessary for the delivery of your order on time. If your order is delayed because of the shipping company we will not compensate you for it, but will try our level best to make fast delivery possible.

Disclaimer: The content posted on the website by the users represents visitors’ opinion and views and   does   not   define   our   processing.   Any   claim   regarding   that   would   not   be entertained. Similarly, third  part websites  links  available  on our website does  not make them a partner in technoor.ae, and their terms of use are not applied on our website in any condition. Prices of all our products are displayed in AED including all other governments’ taxes that are applied to the area you reside in. No claim will be accepted about them as these prices are according to the market’s changing prices and it falls under our own jurisdiction to apply them on our products.

We   cannot   assure   you   of   complete   correctness   of   all   the   content   and   material available on this website. It may be outdated and you should ask and confirm your queries from our customer service department.

International Shipping

Our Compay will not responsible for third party shipping issues. Customers will take care of their custom Department and packages.

Change Of Mind

When Customers change minds and want to refund they have to pay 3% of bank processing fees.

DHL Delivery Charge

Incase on a remote charge from DHL customer need to pay a difference

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